About Us:

More than just a shop

Creating handmade sewn goods has been a lifelong passion of mine. From creating outfits for my toy dolls as a child to sewing clothing for my own children, sewing has always been a therapeutic action for me. I love what I create and truly thrive to make things that will bring joy to everyone into whose hands they fall. I am happy to be creating goods that are sustainable for our planet; My products are made from natural-fibre fabrics which can be reused for many years to come. 
I hope you enjoy, with love -Manisa

Our Products

We are currently living in a time when making sourdough bread seems to be everyone's favourite pastime. I am not a baker yet somehow I got roped into it all. My daughter joined this new fermenting trend and after creating her first loaf of sourdough she got me involved. The new need for a ‘bento bag’ in our household was born. After proudly sharing images of her delicious creation tucked into a bento bag we were soon told by friends and family that they must have their own! From here I realized that our sourdough starter  (nicknamed Joey) was in desperate need of a ‘jar cover’. This marked the birth of yet another sewn good to make! Our products are lovingly created by discovering needs in our everyday lives. I believe that this makes them unique.