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Nantucket Wine, Jar Covers

Nantucket Wine, Jar Covers

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A handy alternative to single-use plastic or fussy cheesecloths, our jar covers do the trick!

These products were inspired by my daughter's newfound interest in fermentation. Recently sourdough has become a very enjoyable activity for many to make and for many to eat! When the project of creating sourdough was brought into our household the need for a small jar cover for our starter was upon us. Made from a linen-blend, these handy little lids keep your jars covered while letting the jar's contents breathe.

Our small jar covers are perfect for most sized mason jar openings 7.62 cm (3in) diameter, "sealed" with an elastic. 

Along with sourdough, another fermentation project occurring in our home is that of brewing our own Kombucha. Kombucha has been the newest obsession in our family and the need for a larger jar cover came about. Instead of fussing around with an elastic and cheesecloth, I have created a linen-blend covering with built-in elastic to be placed on your 'scoby' jar during the first fermentation. 

The large jar cover fits jar openings of 11cm (4 3/8 in) diameter, which is generally the size of 4L (1 gallon) jar. 


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